Monday, January 27, 2014

Before Civilization and the Earliest Cities

Today in western civilization we learned about the Prehistoric Era, but not just that we talked about a lot of other things too. We took notes today, and just talked about north and South America, and other things that have to do with western civ. I learned that the Paleolithic age was the earliest prehistoric age and it was the Old Stone Age. The Neolithic age was the New Stone Age and was marked by advanced tool making and beginnings of agriculture. We also talked about the agricultural revolution which populations rose due to increased ability to care for young children. Then there are hierarchies was when the status of women was lowered as women were confined more too domestic duties. Then we talked about the earliest cities in Mesopotamia, which was Sumer. Then our class was cut short because its grandparent’s day so then our class ended early and we couldn’t continue, but we will tomorrow.

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