Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Nothing at all

Today in west civ we absolutely did nothing at all. We sat there for like 15 minutes in the beginning of the class because you said we could do whatever. All we did was talk and then you just stood up and told us to go to the cafeteria for the rest of class. So we did and we sat there and that was it. We don’t have class tomorrow so you won’t hear from me till Friday! 

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Roman empire notes

  • Octavian- AKA Caesar Augustus
  • Augustus - the first emperor- getting it done
- beings the Pax Romana- period of peace and prosperity
- built roads, aqueducts (brought water to cities)
- set up civil service to take care of roads, the grain supply, even a postal service
- Augustus dies at age 76 in A.D. 14, and passes power too...

  • Tiberius!
  • From Jesus to Christianity 
- Jesus was a Roman citizen and a practicing Jew 
- at 30, he began his ministry (A.D. 31- 33), preaching to the poor (and there were lots of 'em) in the empire, and reaching out to outsiders
- statements like "My kingdom is not of this world" made the Romans (and the Jews) nervous, and they began to plan his execution
- the governor of the Roman province of Judaea, Pontius Pilate (prompted by Jewish high priests, sentences Jesus to death by crucifixion

Monday, April 28, 2014


Today we just took notes and went over things in our textbook. Then at the end we started to watch this video on Caesar and Rome and that was all we did.  
  • proletarian- second class citizens, but they no longer own property and not living a very good life like they used to 
  • Pompey and Crassus and J.C. = first trimvirate 
  • Rubicon is a river that marks the northern Roman empire 
  • Caesar had built a powerful army personally devoted to himself
  • Caesar moved swiftly to make himself supreme ruler of the republic 
  • the only enemies he has right now is the senate 
  • Caesar go stabbed 23 times but the senate  

Friday, April 25, 2014

last of the Projects and notes

Today we had 2 more groups/people that went for the projects. They presented and one of them was food and the other one was on art and sculptures. Then we all got our books and took notes and went over some things for our next chapter.

  • many army commanders turned into what amounted to independent warlords
  • they liked the idea of everyone keeping track of each other and no one is in full power
  • Caesar came in and took over siding with the poor citizens
  • he stood up for them rather than helping the middle class or rich
  • Caesar was a brilliant thinker and great politician 
  • in 60 B.C. he began to collaborate with Pompey 
  • Pompey was an officer promoted by Sulla
  • Caesar won an appointment as proconsul of a province that included the southern regions of Gaul

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

More Projects

Today more people presented there projects and they were very good once again. We got some more good food and got to see some more very good presentations. Some people did a really nice job on some of their projects. I like watching people present them and getting to eat different foods that they made. I still think Hanna and I took the house down, but you know others have been doing a great job too. Well tomorrow we do not have class so I'll see you Friday!

Tuesday, April 22, 2014


Today was the start of presenting our projects! I am pretty excited to say that Hanna and I did pretty well on this project. People liked it and they were interested. We had made a roman cheesecake/pie and we also brought in grapes and apples because that is what they ate in Rome. We worked very hard on it so I think we deserve a good grade. Otherwise some other people went and one other person had sesame cookies and then three other people/groups went and they made like coliseums. Well that was all we got through with today and I can't wait to see more projects tomorrow!

Friday, April 11, 2014


Today in west civ we took a test on Ancient Rome. I have the right to say that I passed it. I didn't pass it by much though. Oh well hopefully when I come back Hanna and I will ace this next project. We have it all pretty planned out and it's going pretty well so far. This time at least I hope our class will give us a better grade than last time. I wasn't to happy about the grades my class we giving us on our video project. Well this is my last blog for what like 11 days so I hope you have a nice Easter break!

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Notes for Test on Friday

  • roman legion - 5000 men
  • century- 80 men 
  • infantry- soldiers on foot
  • cavalry- soldiers on horses 
  • Sicily 
  • Africa - Carthage is in africa
  • sack Carthage
  • punic wars III 
  • Rome vs. Carthage  

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Review for test

Well today we just went over Rome and the things we have been talking about for a couple days now. We went over that the Etruscan's, Latins, and the Greeks were one of the first people to go to Rome. Also that the types of government they had were democracy, monarchy, and aristocracy. I learned today that an assembly was like a house where the plebeians would vote. Also tribunes were like people that got elected by the plebeians to like serve them. Then the senators were elected by the senate. Well we have one more day to review for this test and then we don't have class on Thursday. The test is on Friday I hope I am prepared.

Monday, April 7, 2014


1.) It affected it because Rome was built near the Mediterranean Sea so they could trade with other areas.

2.) They influenced them in many things such as the alphabet, their building program, and also their dress style.

3.) The nobles and the common people.

4.) It was significant because it was the start of having new rules and laws that they would follow. Instead of judges making the decision she/he could just look in the book at the set of laws.

5.) They defeated the Etruscans.

Friday, April 4, 2014


Today in west civ all we did was read the textbook. We highlighted things and underlined things and took notes. That was all we did today. In the beginning we just said what we were doing for our projects. Hanna and I are making a healthy roman cake. It's only considered healthy though because there is yogurt and vegetable oil in it. We are adding fruit to it to. You will have to see how it turns out and hopefully it will taste really good. I am excited to make it and I hope you are excited to taste it. Otherwise I don't know what else to say because in class we just underlined important things that you wanted us to know. Well today is the last day of the week for blogs, and I will see you next Monday, first mod! Have a nice weekend!

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Roman Notes

Well so today all we did was take notes on Rome. Some of the notes were like there republic was made up of democracy, monarchy, and aristocracy. Also they said that the last king of Rome was Targuin the Proud. Also you moved our seats a little bit and you moved me, Hana, Claire, Ava, and Hanna all together. I like the seat, but I was very confused why you did that because in the beginning of the year you told us you were going to move us because we talked too much. It’s okay though we can prove to you that we can all sit next to each other. Also you wanted to say who we are working with for this Roman project and I am working with Hanna. Just to let you know. I might have mentioned it before, but oh well at least you get to hear it again. Well goodnight!

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Roman Projects

Well today in west civ we found out we are doing another project on Romans. Our last project we did it on the Greeeks and that was a video. This time you gave us a list of options that we can choose from or we could come up with an idea on our own. I an excited for this project because I think it is really cool and also it will be fun to come up with an idea. I am working with Hanna again on this one and hopefully our class will give us a better grade on this one than they did the last time. Also yesterday I wrote a blog on the roman family so I didn't get to share that I got a 95 on the last test we took! I was pretty proud of myself. Well goodbye!