Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Roman Notes

Well so today all we did was take notes on Rome. Some of the notes were like there republic was made up of democracy, monarchy, and aristocracy. Also they said that the last king of Rome was Targuin the Proud. Also you moved our seats a little bit and you moved me, Hana, Claire, Ava, and Hanna all together. I like the seat, but I was very confused why you did that because in the beginning of the year you told us you were going to move us because we talked too much. It’s okay though we can prove to you that we can all sit next to each other. Also you wanted to say who we are working with for this Roman project and I am working with Hanna. Just to let you know. I might have mentioned it before, but oh well at least you get to hear it again. Well goodnight!

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