Friday, April 25, 2014

last of the Projects and notes

Today we had 2 more groups/people that went for the projects. They presented and one of them was food and the other one was on art and sculptures. Then we all got our books and took notes and went over some things for our next chapter.

  • many army commanders turned into what amounted to independent warlords
  • they liked the idea of everyone keeping track of each other and no one is in full power
  • Caesar came in and took over siding with the poor citizens
  • he stood up for them rather than helping the middle class or rich
  • Caesar was a brilliant thinker and great politician 
  • in 60 B.C. he began to collaborate with Pompey 
  • Pompey was an officer promoted by Sulla
  • Caesar won an appointment as proconsul of a province that included the southern regions of Gaul

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