Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Notes for tomorrows test

  • Where did the first Indo-Europeans settle around 750 B.C.?
Tiber River
  • three groups that dominated 

  • Tarquin the Proud 
was the last of the king's
  • Tarquin's son 
raped a women and got away with it
  • how did Rome move from a monarchy to a republic
-ruled by Etruscan kings(monarchy) who were advised by patricians(aristocracy)
-after Tarquin(tyranny) the government became Res Publica(republic) 
  • patricians and plebeians
-patrician: upper-class, landowning, established, connected, powerful
-plebeians: common people, workers, small-time farmers, some wealthy none patricians
  • Define
-Senate-government assembly of 300 patricians; appointed for life, first by kings, then consuls
-consuls- 2 senator who led the government and military for one-year terms; could veto each other
-tribunes- leaders of the plebeian assembly; first rather powerless, gaining around over the years
  • twelve tables
-marked the first time that the laws were written down in Rome
-set up to protect plebeians who were getting pushed around by patricians
-displayed in forum

  • Roman republic; modern government and modern document
-the Constitution of the US and its separation of powers
-Senate/ assemblies- US Senate/ House of Reps
-Consuls/Dictator- President of the US
-Senate could act like judges- like our Supreme Court
  • kings who ruled between 600 and 500 BC
Forum- Rome's political center

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