Friday, May 2, 2014


  • 44 B.C. Caesar secured a vote from the senate making him dictator for life
  • his death produced another crop of warlords and more bouts of civil war
  • mark Antony and Octavian were the rival loyalists of Caesar
  • they joined forces against Caesar's assassins
  • Marcus Lepidus formed into a group with them and he was a lesser warlord
  • they then divided the roman world 
  • Octavian was based in Rome
  • Lepidus was in north Africa
  • and Mark Antony was sin Alexandria 
  • in 31 B.C. the two halves of Rome's empire went to war
  • the Roman version of Greco- Roman civilization prevailed in Western territories 
  • LO1- the Rule of the Emperors
  • princeps- a traditional name for prominent leaders who were considered indispensable to the Republic
  • 27 B.C. Augustus was confirmed as commander
  • After Augustus won supreme power, Greek city- states in Anatolia began building shrines and sacrificing to "Rome and Augustus 
  • When Augustus died the Senate declared him a Devine Being like Julius Caesar
  • Vespasian was known for cynical sense of humor
  • Praetorian Gaurd- legion sized part of his army
  • Augustus was convinced that if their peace and stability will last, the changes he made must continue after his death
  • Domitian- was Vespasian's son was assassinated near the end of the first century 
  • the philosopher- statesman was Marcus Aurelius
  • he was also called the best of rulers, the cultured and energetic Hadrian, and the wise and dutiful Antoninus   

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