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C. Germanic people adopt Christianity
1.) 511 AD- Clovis unites Franks into one kingdom
2.) 600 AD- Church +Frankish rulers convert many
3.) Fear of Muslims in southern Europe spur many to become Christians
4.) monasteries and convents
a. 520 AD- Benedict wrote the rulers for monks and monasteries
- poverty, chastity, obedience, study
b. his sister Scholastica did the same for nuns in convents
c. 731 AD- the Venerable Bede wrote a killer history of England
d. Monks opened schools, maintained libraries, and copied books

D A European Empire Evolves
1.) Franks control largest European Kingdom
a. the Roman Province formerly known as Gaul
b. Ruled by Clovis- the Merovingian Dynasty

2.) Major domo- mayor of the palace-ruled the kingdom

3.) Charles Martel- Charles the Hammer
a. extended the Franks reign to the north, south and east
b. defeated a Muslim army from Spain at the battle of tours in 732 historic battles

4.) Charles the Hammer's son- Pepin the short
a. possibly named for his unusual short haircut
b. working for and with the Pope, Pepin fought the Lombard
c. Pope Stephen II named Pepin "king by the grace of God"- beginning the Carolingian Dynasty 751- 987 AD

E. Charlemagne takes center stage
1.) Charlemagne- Charles the Great
a. six foot four
b. built the greatest empire since Rome
c. fought the Muslims in Spain
d. fought Germanic tribes
e. spread Christianity
f. reunited western Europe
g. became the most powerful king in western Europe
h. Pope Leo III crowned him emperor in 800 AD after he defended him from an unruly Roman mob
i. this signaled the joining of Germanic power, the Church, and the heritage of the Roman empire

2.) Charlemagne's government
a. he limited the authority of the nobles
b. he regularly visited each part of his kingdom
c. kept close watch on his huge estates
3.) Cultural revival
a. encouraged learning
b. ordered monasteries to open schools
c. opened a palace school
4.) But, his heirs were weenies
a. his son- Louis the Pious was ineffective
b. Louis' three sons- Lothair, Charles the bald, and Louis the German - split up the kingdom at the treaty of Verdun in 843 AD

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