Friday, May 16, 2014


  • Feudalism: a political, military and economic system based on land-holding and protective alliances

- in other words: the system is based on personal loyalty to people who can help you

  • The Feudal Pyramid 


The most powerful Vassals
(nobles and bishops)

Knights- mounted warriors who received fiefs for defending their lord's land)

Peasants (mostly serfs)
landless, powerless, money less, rights-less, just working the land for "the man" (their lord)

  • Mind your manors
manor- the lord's estate
-the lords manor house
-a church
-some workshops
-15-30 families
all on a few square miles

  • How harsh is it?
 peasants are poor and pay high taxes
-tax or grain
-tax on marriage
-church taxes (tithe=10% of their income)
-They live in crowded cottages
-Live with animals and insects
-eat very simply

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