Monday, May 12, 2014


  • Decline of the Roman Empire
  • AD 180: Rome has problems 
-economic- trade is risky, takes too high, food supply dropping 
-military- frontiers were hard to patrol, Roman generals fought, soldiers loyalty declined, mercenaries appeared
  • Diocletian divided the empire into 2
-Greek-speaking East- had more resources 
-Latin- speaking West- Rome, tradition


    Diocletian was the Roman emperor from 284- 305. Living in a poor family when he was younger he rose up to become the cavalry commander to the emperor Carus. He was born in Solin, Croatsia and he died in Split, Croatia.  

- AD 324- Constantine becomes emperor over both halves of the empire 
-moves the capital from Rome to Byzantium, where Asia met Europe 
-after his death, empire is divided again
- this time, "barbarian invaders (Huns, vandals, Visigoths, angles, Saxons, Franks) 

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