Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Test Back

Well today we got our tests back and I wasn’t too happy with my score. At least I still have a decent grade in your class and will do better on the next one. Well today that was all we did was we went over the test. I made some dumb mistakes on the test and I should have gone over it more. Who knows maybe I would have done better. Some of the questions confused me, but I know that’s what you wanted. You wanted to make some questions tricky and it worked. Well I don’t know really what else to say because that’s the only thing we did today. The only other thing I could say that I personally did in class today was sing. Oh and I have to email you that I finished the pyramid game! I shall do that after I finish typing this blog. Oh well we don’t have class on Thursdays so you’ll see my next cool blog on Friday!

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