Friday, March 21, 2014

Back to the Movies

Today in western civ we like reviewed the videos that we made on Athens or Sparta. We only got to watch a few of the videos, but then we graded them on what we thought they deserved. We also said comments like what we thought they did well or what we thought they could have done better. I was really disappointed in my class today because Hanna and I good on this project and I thought our video was good too. People were giving us an 86 and I think we deserved better than that especially since we also did the story board pages. Also people were saying we had no description, but others didn’t have description either and they were getting better grades from people than us. It was very offending, to me and to Hanna. Well it honestly doesn’t matter at least we got a good grade on it and it moved my grade up a few points! 

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