Friday, March 14, 2014

You Were Missing Again

Well yesterday in West Civ, you were absent once again. Where have you gone? Otherwise while you weren't there Mr. Teter watched over us. All we did was watch the video we have been watching for the past couple of days. At first we were supposed to work by ourselves and get headphones, but none of us had headphones. We tried to watch it on the screen, but we didn't know how to work it or something. So then we decided to get into groups and watch the video. Then we got out of groups because we tried to watch it on the screen again. It didn't work so then we just got back into groups and stayed that way the rest of the class. Well we are supposed to get snow on Monday so let's see what happens! I may see you late on Monday, you might see me on regular time, or you might not see me at all. Well have a nice weekend!

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