Wednesday, March 5, 2014

More of the Video

Well today in Western Civ we watched some of the video again. This time we got farther in though. We had once again another short class because today is Ash Wedsnesday! So we only got through like a couple minutes of the movie. We took some notes down and that kinf of stuff. We only took a few though. One thing was like there were I think ten thousand slaves in Greece. I don't remember I will have to look it up later. I felt like that was all we did I can't really remember anything else that happened. So yeah we just watched the movie and took notes today. Also I was having a nose attackand kept having to get up and get tissues. It was only like three times though my nose is fine now. Well I am going to go study for my tests and quizzes I have tomorrow! See you Friday because we don't have class tomorrow.

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