Monday, March 31, 2014

Roman Family

       Roman families were very caring for each other. Families were held together by fathers called  paterfamilias. They weren't just devoted to Sparta, they also cared about there families at home too! If they didn't belong to a patrician family they were known as a plebeian, and then the Republic was patricians. The Roman Republic was also like the Greek city-states. Everyone in a paterfamilias would leave the household upon marriage. Only a wife would not be completely subject to him, only if she was still subject to the authority of her own father. Fathers also were fathers of there city-states. Senators also addressed each other in a session called "conscript fathers." The Senate is an assembly of three hundred heads of patrician families. There were also consuls. Consuls were two of the senators. Fathers weren't just the only people helping out with the families. Motherhood was important too. A married women who was bore to her title was known as a matron. A matron was a lady mother. Roman families were very organized, loving families, and they were so different then what they are now.

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