Monday, March 17, 2014

Cyber Day 3/17

1.) Mostly fertile land is not a characteristic of Greece.
2.) 3/4 of Greece is covered by mountains.
3.) The Greeks used Barbarians to describe barbarios.
4.) A megalithic structure had massive rough cut stones used to construct monuments and tombs.
5.) A tribe is a social and political unit consisting of a group of communities held together by common interests, traditions, and real or mythical ties of kinship. e all of the above
6.) They were governed by tribal leaders chosen by warriors. all of these
7.) The Greeks were the first European barbarians to make contact with civilization.
8.) China would not be considered a member of Western civilization.
9.) Ionian Sea was west of the Greek mainland.
10.) The Aegean Sea was east of the Greek mainland.
11.) The Aegean people lived on vine, grains, and olives
12.) The Mycenaean civilization arose on the island of Crete.
13.) The spartan civilization established settlements along the Greek mainland's southern shore and on some islands.
14.) The Mycenaean civilization built massive walls to protect themselves from attack.
15.) It was called the Dark Ages.
16.) The Greeks joined the Persians as the leading commercial and seafaring nation of the Mediterranean.
17.)The "c" means around.
18.) The coastlines around the Mediterranean Sea were called colonies.
19.) Ancient Greek city- states most likely resembled cities.
20.) An oligarchy is a form of government in which small group citizens dominated.
21.) A democracy was a form of government which decisions were made by the majority of adult male citizens.
22.) A tyranny is a form of government in which a self-proclaimed dictator held power.
23.) A monarchy is a form of government which is held by a single ruler, and is often passed along from father to son.
24.) Spartans used monarchy.
25.) They began military training at age 7.
26.) Athens was the wealthiest city-state in the ancient Greek World.
27.) The acropolis was the high fortified citadel and religious center of an Ancient Greece town.
28.) The southern peninsula was called Peloponnesus.
29.) Triremes were massive fighting ships with three banks of oars, used to ram or board enemies ships.
30.) A hoplite was a heavily armed soldier and armored citizen-soldier of ancient Greece.

1.) The time period was called the Dark Ages and it was from 1100 B.C. to 800 B.C.
2.) The two stories that Homer told about the Trojan War were called the Lliad and the Odyssey.
3.) It meant middle of the land. Meduis meant middle and terra meant land.
4.) Prominent and long established Athenian land- owners were called Aristocrats.

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